Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Reverse key.

Image result for gravity bootsWALT: we know that we stick to earth with the help of gravity but what if gravity didn’t exist.

  • Move to a different country
  • Fly to america
  • Fly to dunedin
  • Fly to the bottom of the planet earth
  • Tie myself to something that is  really heavy
  • I would hold on to something every time i go walk somewhere
  • I would fly to the other side of the earth
  • Stay inside of my house and just float
  • Move to fiji
  • Fly to samoa
  • Move to bali
  • Move to the cook islands
  • Move to dolphin island
  • Move to waiheke
  • Move to orphanage
  • Fly to tonga

A-Z key.

WALT: complete and A-Z listing of all the key topic vocabulary to do with EARTH AND BEYOND.

Image result for galaxy with planets floating around

A -  astronaute

B -  black hole

C -  comet

D -  dwarf planet

E -  earth

F -  flares

G - waning   gibbous

H - helium

I -   ice

J -  jupiter

K -  kilometers

L -  Levitate

M - moon

N -  neptune

O -  orbit

P -  pluto

Q -  quarter moon

R - rocket

S -  saturn

T -  titan

U -  uranus

V -  venus

W -  weather

X -  xray vision

Y - yellow planet

Z -  zeus

Prediction key.

    WALT: Predict how houses on the moon might look. Remember, there is no oxygen in space for us
    to breath!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

variations keys.

    WALT: How many ways can you think of to get people treating our earth better?

    My challenge in this activity was creating the rubbish and the rubbish bin.

    what i liked about this amazing activity was creating the rubbish and rubbish bin.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Shape poem. By Aeisha

WALT: Include a season and 1 word from our first language.
Today me and my class  room 8 made shape poems about the seasons,
My shape poem was about winter and it was written  in a raindrop.
my challenge for this activity was making a poem about winter because i don't very much enjoy writing poems, But  I was still  grateful for what I did.