Thursday, May 31, 2018

planet colours in Maori.

Solar system:
Te tae

WALT: Learning the colours in Maori. 


Me and my buddies made a rap about milk 
I really liked  this activity it really impressed me. 
My challenge for this activity was saying my rap I got really nervous up there.
but i tried my best to face my fears. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

one to ten numbers


Days of the week

Aso gafua
Aso lua
Aso lulu
Aso tofi
Aso faralie
Aso tona’i
Aso sa

WALT: To include my first language with in my writing.

challenge: To remember to use my first language in my writing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Aeisha - DMIC.

WALT: DMIC, time, minutes, hours. 

Last week Room 8 was working on this sheet that was about time
it was basically about teamwork and how we worked it out. 
It  was a really fun session together. 
The groups that were there was addition and subtraction,
We  all worked in the group we were given by Mrs Bracey. 
Mrs Bracey helped us all partly. 
Addition and subtraction actually loved presenting. 

Sun explanation.

Image result for sun* Did you know that the sun is made by helium and  gas?

* Furthermore the sun is 5 , 778 ks hot!

* The sun is the colour of  karaka!

* Over one million earths can fit in the sun.

* The sun has an  invisible magnetic field of kakariki also whero.

WALT: use of punctuation. 

challenge: to explain the sun and use a brainstorm. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

My - solar system puzzle

Use specific vocabulary. 

Room 8 made a puzzle of the solar system.
we had to copy off a 1-20 enlarged piece of paper, 
It was quite an adventure because we had to copy off a little paper.
We had to add detail to our drawing. 
We had to use our imagination.
What I loved well doing this art was drawing up my piece of the solar system. 
My challenge for this piece of art was drawing my picture. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Aeisha - volleyball.

Last week Monday, room 8 went to volleyball on the top courts. It was an exhausting  session. All  Room 8 loved it with our new coach Eleanor, she was so nice she taught us how to shift,get in position, also how to serve carefully. We had the best first volleyball session with coach Eleanor, we all  played some games.

Thursday, May 17, 2018



Me and my group was working on an maths time problem.  There were so much Maths to work out. When we had finished working it out in our group we had to get up write our work up on whiteboard.  What I found challenging in this time problem was when I had to explain how we got it and what we did. I had the best maths session. 😇

Aeisha - My Pepeha.

All room 8 made their own pepeha 
to find out more go on our personal blogs. 😎

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

stardome - planetarium.

secondly in the planetarium there were loads of comfortable chairs. Also you can lay back on them like your in a dark globe! in the planetarium you can see 3d robot movies, constellation, compass points, planet at night including the southern cross.

WALT: repeat writing an explanation. focus on sentence control. continue to use a comma for punctuation.

CHALLENGE: This time I added: simile was to repeat this. explanation. 

Stardome - corridor.

Firstly stardome is all about the solar system. in the corridor at stardome you can learn facts about the seven sisters, asteroids, astronauts and what the solar system means.

WALT: Learning to write an explanation with sentence control and commas to form a list.

Challenge: this is a challenge to write in the present tense.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My day of iron sports.

Today i learnt to embed a photo onto my blog without copying and pasting or uploading.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My cartoon. behaviours in the corridor.

             I made this with a google drawing,
with my friends about how we should behave in the corridor and how we should not behave in the corridor.
My teacher Mrs Bracey took the pictures for me and my friends, we just did what we had planned.
Also to make this background I used google chrome. Finally  I took it to my drawing. To  see the  pics I had to send the background  backwards so that everything that's on there now  you can see properly.  To make the  title I used  glowtxt,
After,  I chose the style of how I wanted it and then there will be a box where I typed in school rules. 

To check out more comics go on our personal blog 

My term 1 journey to te tuhi


  • Room 8 went to Te Tuhi during term 1.
  • We went to Te Tuhi to create a piece of art and also look at other pieces of work.
  • Te Tuhi just in pakuranga, just over the panmure bridge.
  • The students from room 8, apart from some of the teachers.
  • We travelled  to pakuranga art gallery by a bus.

My samoa introduction profile.

Alofa ma fa afeiloa i ia te oe uma lo u igoa o le Aeisha 
ou te alu le aoga muamua i le aoga tamaki pu te fiafia i le agoa e mafua ai ona ou aoa aoina  ni mea fou 
ma maua atili ai taleni ma atami  o le tagata na te musuia au lo u tina ma lou tama aua latou te fautuania au e fai mea sao ae le o mea sese ou te taumafai malosi atu e aua le faalavelave ma tualai atu ae ia taumafai foi e aua le faalavelave i isio siomia  au e tatau foi ona ou faaleo lou leo ma faaaoga leo i totonu ma faia ni filifiliga lelei. 
faafetai mo le va ai mai ia te au faafeiloai  au. 
alofaaga  ia te outou uma. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My timeline.

WALT: learning  about myself.

Timeline of my life.

Date,place and time when I  was born: I was born in auckland city hospital.
When I  learnt to smile: I  learnt to smile at 4 years old.
When I started eating solid food: I  started eating solid food when I was 5 years old.
The time I  was born is 17.50.09.
When I started eating solid food: I  started eating solid food when I was 5 years old.
When I  learnt to stand on my own: I was standing when I was 2 years old.
When i said my first word: The first word  i said was dada and the time i learnt to say dada was when i was 1.
When I  wen to kindy: i went to kindy when i was 3 years old.
When I read my first book: i learnt to read a book when i was 3 years old.
When I  learn to ride a bike: when i learnt to ride a bike i was 4 years old and 3 years old.
The first holiday I went on: the first holiday I  went on was samoa i was about 3 and a half.
My first sports club: don't have any.

what i can do better next time is to look and  make sure i put my capital letters in the right place.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Waka Tapu.

The most important features about. . . 

What. . .  Journeys and islands.   

Where. . . Rapanui, tubuai, mangareva. 

When. . . 2012. 

Who. . . polynesian voyagers.

Why. . .  Because they were doing a task for the navigator. 

How. . . in two waka's. 

I  read this school journal called waka tapu i read it then i answered some questions. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

question marks and full stops

I can see a mouse in there.
We will go to the park.
Tom and I will play with sally.
I will draw a picture of a clown.
We will go to the movies on  Saturday.
I see a cat.

Ms Bracey, gave me some sentences and I had to fix them up with my capitals and full stops.